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Car Health Check

The undercarriage of a vehicle—an area that we don’t usually see—deteriorates over time due to continued wear and tear. Long mileage vehicles and used vehicles are likely to be in the worst condition, with undercarriage parts that are worn out, faulty or not performing to their potential. This may result in increased fuel consumption, reduced safety, and, in some cases, unexpected expenses. So, for a speedy inspection of your vehicle’s undercarriage by our professional technicians, we recommend “Lift Up Check 35.”
Some vehicle parts wear out over time or due to continued use. When this happens, these parts may no longer function properly, leading to problems with the vehicle’s “health,” such as increased fuel consumption or reduced safety. Regular inspections can prevent the accidents and serious trouble that are like "injuries" and "serious illness" for your vehicle. For a speedy inspection of the health of your vehicle’s main consumable parts by our professional technicians, we recommend “Health Check 39.”